The Collen Pillar Airport


Collen Pillar Airport - Our Security Hub

Collen Pillar Airports offers various security services to ensure safety for its passengers and employees. Trained security personnel conduct regular patrols and monitor CCTV cameras throughout the airport. Passengers and luggage are screened before boarding, and a dedicated customs and immigration area is available. The airport has strict access control measures for restricted areas and an emergency response team on standby. Collen Pillar Airports is committed to providing a secure and safe environment for everyone.

Our airport security guard services ensure safety for travelers and employees. We provide trained personnel for vehicle and parking lot inspections, baggage and cargo area inspections, access control, and vendor and employee screenings. Our specialized training covers patrolling, terrorism awareness, customer service, and first responder skills. We customize our training programs to meet the unique security needs of our airport.

Airport Security Guard Services:

  • Vehicle inspections
  • Parking lot inspections
  • Inspections of baggage hold areas
  • Control over tarmac access
  • Screenings of vendors and employees
  • Facility escort
  • Area badge checks
  • Inspections of package and cargo areas
  • Specialized Private Airport Security

Specialized Training Topics:

    • Access control
    • Tactical Airport security
    • Alarm monitoring and response
    • Behavior recognition
    • Customer service
  • Effective patrolling 
  • Fire safety
  • First responder (CPR/First Aid/AED)
  • Terrorism awareness
  • Aviation Security Compliance Monitoring

Building Security Services Offers:

  • Armed and unarmed security guards
  • Aviation-designated security
  • Committed aviation knowledge and experience
  • Emergency readiness and response
  • Performance references
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